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All-Russian information magazine “AvtoOpyt”

Address: 127276, Russia, Moscow, Botanicheskaya street,14,office 414
Post address:127276, Russia, Moscow, Botanicheskaya street,14,office 414

Tel : (499) 231-84-15, 231-84-40, 231-84-84
Fax : (499) 231-84-15, 231-84-84
E-mail: info@aopt.info Internet: http://www.aopt.info

“AvtoOpyt” is an All-Russian information magazine which has been publishing since 2000. We are positioning as a magazine for professional automobile business participants. In our magazine one can find useful information about marketing strategy both of producers and wholesale dealers, also about tendencies of automobile park changes and of market news.
The circulation is 45.000 copies
The frequency is once a month.
Distributing by:
- mailing for special address data base(15.000 addresses, over 8000 subscribers)
- Moscow and regional automobile exhibition (over 110 exhibitions a year)
- Wholesale departments of producing companies
- Automobile markets in Moscow and other cities of Russia: in South Port, trading house “Avtomobili”, in technical Centers “Kuntsevo”, “Avtomol”, in Warsow Technical center, storage area “Avto-Arsenal”, trading Complex “Kontur” in Gorkovskoe high road and others THs and TCs
We provide with any polygraph service, including styling and full circulation for real prices


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